We are mad about cycling. We love Gadgets. We love to help our environment

Started in 2017 VoltAge Bike was born in Glasgow, Scotland and has been growing in popularity since birth. The need for a comfortable electric bicycle with private and commercial use was the precursor that spawned the VoltAge Bike. Now on its 3rd generation model we have fine tuned many of the design features and re-engineered several factors to ensure we provide the best and most comfortable method of personal urban transport available today.
Owners Mike and Gardner are Life long cyclists, long time friends and passionate about mobilizing people into the future.

Mission Statement

Through the promotion of safe cycling and safe cycling practices we wish to enable the people of Scotland to have access to an affordable priced electric bicycle, thus encourage light exercise and outdoor activity while, making short commutes and frequent pleasure rides more enjoyable and accessible bringing a new dimension of fun to cycling. Alongside this goal we wish to install a short range sustainable delivery logistic option to small business and commerce and in doing so we all help to lower Scotland's CO2 emissions and overall carbon footprint while reducing traffic and parking concerns in our cities and towns.


Contact us with any purchase or technical inquiries you may have. We are always happy to answer your questions.

Glasgow, South Side.  SCOTLAND . UK

SALES :  07791 709 308

Engineering : 0745 309 1383

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